Primal Fetish – Callie Calypso – Helplessly Used by a Stranger

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Callie Initial Conditioning and Kitten Training (part 1)

Initial Conditioning and Kitten Training – We start off putting Callie under, watching her big green eyes roll and flutter. She Zombie walks and repeats her obedience mantras, kneels and repeats them more, then she strips fully. She is then turned into a cat, crawling, stretching mewing purring, rubbing on my leg, and even lapping milk up from a bowl. She then zombie walks back to the couch with milk dripping from her chin.

Callie’s Interview (part 2)

Callie is interviewing for a job. At implanted key words she breaks out laughing uncontrollably, has sneezing fits or begins to orgasm uncontrollably. sometimes doing two of them at once. Each time she recovers having no idea what she has done

Robot Callie (part 3)

Callie is now a fully programmed robot. She is fully obedient to her master. She robotically walks and talks and poses as told. She then performs a robotic blowjob ills her mouth

Callie Helplessly Used by a Stranger (Part 4-6)

Callie is unable to move her body or talk her eyes scream out as the stranger gropes fondles and fingers her, then eats her pussy and finally fucks her and then cums on her helpless face

Callie – Groped by a Stranger (part 4 )

Callie can’t move and has no idea how she go in this situation. She is naked and a stranger is running his hands all over her. Her eyes are wide with panic, then as his hands rub and finger her pussy the first waves of pleasure come over her and she is torn between fear, pleasure and disgust at her bodies betrayal

 Callie Paralyzed Pussy Eating (part 5)

Callie can’t move and has no idea how she go in this situation. She is naked and a stranger has already run his hands all over her. Her eyes scream as his mouth moves to her pussy. She is horrified and disgusted and then her eyes roll in pleasure and the more she resists giving in to orgasm the more wild the look in her eyes becomes. She becomes overwhelmed at this point and the final orgasm leaves her incoherent

Callie Helplessly Fucked (part 6)

Callie can’t move and has no idea how she go in this situation. She is naked and a stranger has groped, fondled and fingered her, and eaten her pussy. She is panicking and has given in to orgasms despite her terror at being unable to move or speak. Now a look of total fear fills her eyes. The stranger is moving his big cock up to her pussy, her eyes become huge and her mouth lets out a soundless scream as he pushes it in her. He takes her completely. fucking her deeply and in every way he wants. Her eyes roll and her body shakes from fear and orgasms. She looks up at him desperately as he finishes by cumming all over her beautiful face

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