Entrancement UK – Brooke & Natalia Entranced

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Entrancement UK – Brooke & Natalia Entranced

[0:00:17] Introductions
[0:00:55] Brook tells Nat about her submissive alter-ego “Raven”
[0:02:30] Nat remembers being a body builder previously
[0:05:45] Candle Induction
[0:30:00] Bound / Magnetic Triggers
[0:31:10] Raven’s Reappearance
[0:31:55] Raven’s happy to flash and obey… Brook… less so.
[0:35:30] Snapped fingers, blank minds
[0:39:20] Two triggers = one confused Brook
[0:39:45] Posing brainless Brook
[0:41:20] Nat frozen and poseable
[0:46:20] Failing to give Nat an alter ego
[0:48:20] Music = Striptease time!
[0:52:00] Posing the frozen ladies
[0:52:30] Who needs bras!?
[0:54:30] Raven poses Natalia
[0:55:20] Brook brats (when she should be DANCING!)
[0:55:30] Raven obeys (and dances out of her clothes)
[0:56:10] Frozen hypnodolls, time to pose them.
[1:01:30] Slave Training Poses
[1:04:10] Focused on the pocketwatch
[1:04:30] Mindless Mantra “Can’t resist. Must obey”
[1:10:00] Mirror Mirror Seduction Dance. (Raven in control)
[1:13:25] Mirror Mirror Crazy Dance. (Natalia in control)
[1:15:30] Natalia becomes Gary the body builder
[1:17:10] Brook meets Gary… and Gary meets Raven… and Raven meets Natalia.
[1:27:00] Nat is a robot sexdoll. Brook is a sexdoll saleslady.
[1:38:00] Closing Chat

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