Primal Fetish – Kelly Diamond – Full Session

Published on January 28, 2018 by

Kelly Diamond has been referred by her friend to see us about her anxiety. Right off the bat I ask her about a date and she explains she is actually more into women. It is a shame for a girl like her not to be more open minded.

Part 1: Initial Conditioning

Kelly is trained to become obedient to men and repeat mantras, zombie walk, stripping, offering herself for sex.

Part 2: Sex Robot

Kelly robotically masturbates until she cums “robot orgasming, robot orgasming” Then performs her function as an oral service robot

Part 3: Sex Doll

Kelly is a totally pliable sex doll. Saying dirty things as her nipples are pinched, clit is pressed and ass is slapped as her eyes stare off blankly and her body is free to be used any way we want


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