Primal Fetish – Marina Angel – Full Session

Published on January 28, 2018 by

Sweet young Marina turned 18 two months ago. Her friend Lexie sent her to us (thanks to some special implanted suggestions)


Initial Conditioning – We begin Marina’s programing Mantra’ zombie walking, crawling, in and out as she strips

Part 2:

School Girl Crush – Marina is programmed to be a school girl with a naughty crush. She sucks her candy cane as she shows her “teacher” her pretty panties and how she touches herself when she thinks of him

Part 3:

 – I’ve been practicing- Marina now talks a bit about sucking everything she can get into her mouth to practice for just the moment when she will finally have his cock in her mouth, she is so excited it is like a dream come true

Part 4:

Forced to cum by a Stranger Marina wakes to find herself naked and helpless as stranger gropes and fondles her and then uses a wand to make her cum. She can'[t move ore cry out and she alternates between fear, disgust and orgasmic pleasure

Part 5:

Helplessly used by a stranger – The stranger is not done with Marina and he licks her young helpless pussy and then fucks her deep until finishing covering her with a big load

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