Primal’s ROBO KINK – Serina’s Full Session

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Primal’s ROBO KINK – Serina’s Full Session

Serina Came to us for the purposes of a -relaxational session. What she got was a full series of conditioning and training

Initial Conditioning

In this session we use Auprssure- for a very fast technique to bring Serina to a state of total compliance. We take time to explore her from head to toe once she is completely under

Sexual Feet One

We now program Serina to find her feet to be the most beautiful, sexual and erotic part of her body and the source of the greatest sexual stimulation she has ever felt. We then touch and massage her feet and toes until she climaxe and we put her back under for the second stage of this programming

Sexual Feet Two

Now that she is totally aroused and orgasmic from her feet we program her to masturbate by touching her feet, It is amazing to see just how into her own feet she gets. She again climaxes from the sensations of her feet being touched and caressed and again she goes under


Serina is told to strip while in a trance state. She is then told to lay down and further programmed to be completely unable to move. Further she now doesn’t know where she is or who it is that is behind her touching her helpless naked body and eventually playing with her pussy, She is already in an orgasmic state and climaxes despite her fear and confusion

Slave Girl

Serina is now a harem slave girl, she speaks to her master and dances to please him. She lays down and begs her master to use her body for his pleasure, she repeats that she wants master to use her slave pussy however he wants and she is very satisfied when master cums all over her

Blow Bot

Serina is now in her robot mode. She explains what she is programmed to do and displays her soft ware before performing her primary function getting a face and mouth full of cum. She is a happy robot to have performed her function so well

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