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All The Time In The World Justin Hunt Alina Lopez


Alina Lopez, Justin Search

Video Description:

‘Time may be the longest distance between two places.’

? Tennessee Johnson, The Glass Menagerie

Constantly On The Planet

Desperate Man Uses Time-Freezing Tech To Have Relations With Crush

SCENE OPENS on Ted (Justin Search), who’s in the room, get yourself ready for a cocktail party for uncle Gabi’s birthday. There’s the seem of the Newton’s Cradle which we have seen clacking within the foreground on his desk. We are able to also hear the faint sounds of the cityscape through his bed room window. Ted is nervous and modifying his clothes. He’s rehearsing while watching mirror, trying to generate a method to express his passion for his closest friend Gabi and also to convince her to interrupt track of her longtime boyfriend Drake.

He retrieves a pocket watch he got for Gabi’s birthday. He thinks it’s damaged and manhandles it, accidentally uncovering a secret compartment that emits an unusual effect because it opens.

The distortion effect ripples out in all directions just like a shockwave. Seem and movement slow to some stop for everybody but Ted. Ted is confused, looks round the room, understands that his clock is not moving. He remarks it’s weird the time stopped. He feels something is amiss and understands that the Newton’s Cradle has stopped in mid swing. He can’t believe what he’s seeing, and pulls back a little in fear.

Ted leans directly into peer and scrutinize the Newton’s Cradle with shock and curiosity. Ted looks in question and very carefully reaches a hands out. He touches the Cradle. At his touch, the balls instantly begin to swing again, the clacking seem whooshing back. Ted stares as it were in the moving Cradle, then something catches his attention the window. He would go to watch out your window. ‘What…the…hell? Everything’s just…STOPPED. The wild birds…the folks. Nothing’s…MOVING. Th-that’s IMPOSSIBLE. It’s like time is simply…Freezing,’ Ted states in stunned disbelief.

Ted looks lower at his hands, but now realizing he is still idly holding outdoors watch in the hands. It begins to beginning on him the watch did this. He looks out in the frozen city in awe, looking backwards and forwards between your city and also the see a couple of occasions. He appears to obtain an idea. Because he stares the window, he snaps the time closed.

Immediately, the sounds from the cityscape whoosh in and also the clock hands begins moving again. All things have become unfrozen. Ted stares, stunned into silence, for many seconds. ‘Gabi…’ he finally whispers.


CUT To a different day. Gabi’s birthday social gathering is under way. Gabi (Alina Lopez) sits beside Drake (Nathan Bronson) in the dining room table. Ted sits across from Gabi. Their mutual buddies Pat and Leslie sit around them, and everyone but Ted are clearly having fun, involved in light and lively conversation, laughing and joking. Ted appears withdrawn and distracted, spaced-out. He is not speaking to anybody, and rather keeps pulling the timepiece interior and exterior his pocket and searching in internet marketing underneath the table.

Because the other visitors are busy, Gabi notices Ted’s distraction. She touches his hands and asks wrong. Ted snaps from his distraction, apparently advised of his strong feelings for Gabi. Ted is going to profess his passion for Gabi as he is interrupted by Drake making bended knee before Gabi. He proposes and Gabi states yes as Ted panics. Ted’s panic boils over and that he constitutes a snap decision, activating the timepiece to freeze time.

Seem and movement slow to some stop for everybody but Ted. Gabi’s words stop as she freezes, hands out.

Ted will get up gradually from his chair and paces the area, gradually walking and analyzing the visitors. He appears bitter and disgusted in their happy expressions. He examines Gabi first, then to Drake with jealousy, then enters your kitchen briefly to circle Pat and Leslie ensuring they are frozen – waving his hands before their faces and snapping his fingers before their eyes. Ted requires a deep breath slowly, exhaling heavily because he calms lower, glancing in the pocket watch and thinking about how to proceed.

Ted resumes his place in the dining area table, sighing. He looks back at Gabi, Drake beside her, her hands held to Ted revealing the ring. His expression turns possessive because he gazes at her. He readies themself and reaches to touch her outstretched hands.

Gabi unfreezes and immediately panics when she finds out everybody else is frozen except her and Ted. She attempts to wake Drake up but can’t. Ted explains the pocket watch can stop time. Ted finally professes his passion for Gabi, thinking she’ll reciprocate, but she does not. He reveals he stopped time so they might be together forever.

Gabi is freaked out. Ted feels tricked and hurt that they does not share his feelings. He threatens to smash the timepiece unless of course she fucks him. Gabi, filled with bitterness, concurs to possess sex – ‘You aren’t the individual I figured you had been, Ted… I’ll have relations with you, however i could NEVER adore you following this.A Ted informs her that she’ll see, she’ll change her mind.

She attempts to cause him to the bed room. Ted states he wants them to get it done before Drake so he is able to convince Gabi he’s a much better lover than Drake. Gabi is appalled but unwillingly concurs.

Ted’s likely to take his time with Gabi. They Are Doing have constantly on the planet, in the end.


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