Shy Guy Mind Controls his Hot Latina Maid

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Shy Guy Mind Controls his Hot Latina Maid


Freddy is a touch bit shy with regards to the women. He has a crush on his Smokin Hot Latina Maid, Natalia. Each time he tries to speak to her, the maid starts how to speak spanish and that he doesn’t understand how to talk to her. He’s attempted to inquire about her out multiple occasions but either she doesn’t understand him or she’s just messing with him because she doesn’t like him sexually. In either case he isn’t getting anywhere together with her. As he was visiting Taiwan a few days before he visited the underground community. He became of stumble across a vendor who had been selling micro chips. Not regular computer micro chips, but ones which have the capacity to manage the minds of others. Freddy bought a couple of them now he’s likely to use one of these on his maid. Watch as Freddy inserts a micro nick into Natalia’s ear and that he controls her just like a robot. Freddy finally will get his way together with her. He makes her sit lower alongside him around the couch and they’ve a small date. He makes her possess a conversation in British and that he feeds her lines. It can make him feel good. Next Freddy has her masturbate before him as they jacks off on her behalf ft. Finally he’s her put her footwear back on and clean his dirty house. A couple of minutes later he pulls the micro nick. It’s amazing, Natalia doesn’t remember a factor. How fabulous. Maybe in a few days he’ll obtain the balls to finger bang her together with his penis.

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